Meet Ambrosia Sullivan

In 2017, she pledged to herself that she would create every day. The 3in x 3in canvas made that goal achievable. Painting a complete piece of art every day gives her a satisfaction like no other. Her current work is a celebration of pop culture focusing on characters from TV, music and film cult classics. Each celebrity or character has inspired Ambrosia and many of them are most recognizable from their work in the 80’s to early 2000’s. While they might seem random, each piece is an exploration and an experiment of subject turned object (art). Ambrosia creates art of all sizes but always returns to mini portraits. Things don’t have to be big to make an impact and that holds true for art. 


Ambrosia Sullivan was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1985 and grew up in Auburn, New York. She currently lives in Union City, New Jersey with her dog/assistant Ruby. 

Her expansive art education includes receiving a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2007 from Pratt Institute. After graduating she continued her studies at at both F.I.T. and Prescott & Mackay in New York City with a focus on footwear design – a passion which has become her full time career.

Ambrosia spent eight years working at Guerra Paint & Pigment in the Lower East Side. The time she spent there was incredibly important for her as it helped her discover the characteristics of color. Learning to work with water based paint, created from mixing pigment concentrates and binders, was extremely significant in her development as an artist and her understanding of color. Her paintings are painted with Guerra paint to this day. 

The Workshop

You’ll often see Ambrosia working at local cafes like Ispresso Cafe in Weehawken. Contact her to book a sesh.

She’s also open to doing live painting anywhere!

Artists that inspire me: 

Francis Picabia, Alice Neel, Andy Warhol, Mark Ryden, Edvard Munch, John waters, David Lynch, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Fritz Scholder, Ray Pettibon

Sandra (@sandyolives) who is an artist but has set her efforts into working at a chimp sanctuary in Camaroon, Africa (
My friend Georgie (@colormelurid) who is a collage artist (magical and cosmic) and she’s a model.
My old bosses at the paint store who are also awesome artist Seren Morey (@serenmorey) who is a boss lady mom with superhuman powers, creating paintings that crawl off the canvas, Art Guerra ( creating unusual super heavy textured surfaces.

Jody who is an awesome chef as well as paint maker (@guerrapaint) .
My friend Rosario who’s a go-getter, we teamed up to create Tinted hearts, creating events to raise money for different causes. 
Samantha (@brushmy_arts)  who just made becoming a full time artist her priority in life she’s self taught! 

“Life is nothing if you're not obsessed”

John Waters

“Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it.“

Salvadore Dali