NJ Chessmates

Hello chess world! I started playing chess when I was six years old and fell in love with the game the minute my father introduced it to me. Although I was president of the chess club in college, my dream was to become a mechanical engineer. I never thought I would be teaching chess and building my own curriculum for my business. Today, I can’t picture myself doing anything else. 

– Johanna Soto



NJ Chess Mates is dedicated to teaching kids how to become master problem solvers through chess, as well as empowering kids to learn from one another in a safe classroom environment.


We take chess very seriously at NJ Chess Mates. The environment that we create is similar to the one needed to teach math and science. Our curriculum provides challenging lessons and activities that keep the students engaged while having fun. We incorporate the same classroom rules and behavioral incentives that most school require in order to keep students focused.