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Featured Cause: Missing Gloves Campaign

Many people have asked me what the point of this campaign is, what it does and why I am doing this.

It’s an idea, something different, that I truly believe in? Believing in something that I truly feel can make a small or large difference in the world is something that I have always dreamt of and last year, February 2017 this idea occurred to me. How did I come up with it and why?

My sister and I were standing in our Mother’s Kitchen while we were getting ready to go out, of course, one of us had a pair of mismatched gloves. With her motherly tone, our mother says, ‘Why do you have a mismatched pair of gloves, I’m going to buy you girls gloves.’ We responded with, ‘It’s fine Mom , they are still doing their job, which is keep us warm and besides, do you know how may gloves I come across on my daily commute to NYC, my sister added?’ We were sure many people used mismatched gloves all the time, just like they do socks. We went on with our day, and on my way to work, as I waited for the light rail, I saw a lone glove. I giggle to myself, decided to snap a photo and send it to my sister. As I took this picture, I thought to myself, what if I pair mismatched gloves, wash them and donate them to homeless people in the beginning of every winter season? I told my sister about the idea and that very day, we started on our glove finding adventure, soon thereafter we had a bag of about twenty mismatched gloves. I tried creating a Facebook page to create awareness but many people found it funny and laughed. I GAVE UP.

A year has passed and this year February 2018, I decided that I wouldn’t give up and that I’d fight harder than ever. I published my Facebook Page and instead of collecting gloves, I decided that snapping a photo and creating a hashtag would raise more awareness. If people are willing to throw a bucket of ice water on their bodies to raise awareness for ALS, then snapping a pic and hash tagging #missingglovesforthehomeless shouldn’t be that difficult. This is just the first step before making it an official non profit.

What will we do with all of your support? As a start, for every missing glove you come across, snap a picture of and hash tag, Missing Gloves For The Homeless will Donate a Fresh, Brand New Pair of Gloves to its Local Homeless Shelter. Thus far, in 2018, with the help and support of some family members and friends, The Missing Gloves Campaign has managed to find 34 GLOVES, that is 34 PAIRS of BRAND NEW GLOVES that will be donated to a local homeless shelter this upcoming 2018-2019 Winter Season.

How does this help? Have you noticed homeless men and women in your community? Have you taken a quick peek at their hands? Unfortunately, for homeless people, frostbite is one of winter’s number one hazard. Most common is frostbite of the hands or feet. Again, with the support of caring individuals like yourselves,we will be able to donate a brand new pair of gloves for every glove that is found. Soon we will be able to accept monetary donations where bigger and better ideas are to follow.

How can you be part of this movement? For now it’s quite simple, see glove, snap a pic, upload to Facebook page and hash tag #missingglovesforthehomeless

Thank you all for your loving and kind support.
– Zoraida Espinoza


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